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Office of the Federal Safety Commissioner

We currently hold a contract with the Federal Government as accredited Federal Safety Officers performing accreditation and maintenance audits for the Office of the Federal Safety Commissioner.

If you are thinking about becoming Federally accredited we can help.


Whilst there are many myths about how difficult it is to become Federally accredited, this is not true. With a philosophy of keeping this simple, SDR Solutions can help you gain OFSC accreditation with out blowing the budget!

Our approach is to use your existing safety system and tweak it so it works at all levels of your organisation no matter what type of work you do, making minor adjustments where necessary, providing the necessary support so achieving and maintaining accreditation is just the way you do business.

The value in being accredited with the OFSC whilst giving you organisation access to Federally funded work, gives the greater benefit of having safety management systems which provides the people running the business with a risk management framework that independently assessed annually by high experienced and qualified construction safety specialists.

Our rates for assisting you organisation in achieving accreditation with the OFSC are highly competitive with the added bonus of not trying to sell you a pre-prepared safety system, but using your organisations existing systems and enhancing them so your organisation achieves accreditation because it is what you do, not what someone sold you to do!

Australia is open for business, do you want a piece of the action.






Safe Safer Safest

Safety Design and Risk Solutions believes that to achieve worlds best practice in workplace heath and safety that an organisation needs to allow itself to benchmark itself both internally and externally but also have a strategy that allows workplace health and safety processes, practices, beliefs and behaviours to evolve.

Our trade marked Safe, Safer, Safest approach is a simple platform which provides a continuous improvement process that can be applied across any business model or industry and delivers both immediate and long term improvement in safety practices.

So if you are frustrated with overly complicated safety strategies, want a shift in the way safety is managed within your business, strive to be better than your competitors or need a shift ion safety culture, call or email us and lets discuss how you can deliver positive improvements to you business that want cost you an arm and a leg.

Safe, Safer, Safest – moving your organisation beyond today and into the future.

Engaging the minds of your people and leaving your competitors wondering.

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Simply Safe

Safety is not a rocket science unless you are building rockets!

Simple soultions that meet your WHS risk profile is waht we offer.

Safety Design and Risk Solutions

Safety Design and Risk (SDR) Solutions provides a range of workplace health & safety (WHS) related services to industry. We customise to meet individual business needs by applying leading practice WHS principles.

The services offered extend from general to specialist WHS consulting, auditing, inspections, training and the facilitation of workshops.

Our area of expertise is in the facilitation of safety in design workshops and the design of workplace safety management systems for a range of activities including design, contracting and workplace implementation across a broad range of sectors.

We offer the following services:

  • Safety Design and Risk Leadership Workshops & Training
  • Safety in Design Review workshop facilitation (CHAIR)
  • WHS Auditing to AS4801, CACC, or your WHSM System etc.
  • Pre OFSC accreditation and audit gap analysis
  • Workplace Specific Safety Management System Design
  • WHS Legislations and Regulatory Training
  • Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment & Risk Control Training
  • Safe Work Method Statement Development Training
  • Safe Work Method Statements Implementation Reviews
  • Plant Hazard Assessments Training
  • 2nd party Subcontractor WHS Evaluations and Auditing
  • On-site Safety Management and/or WHS Advisory Services

Our Approach

Our approach is to work with your business to build on its strengths and to mitigate risk where it is vulnerable. We are not about selling you off the shelf safety management systems; we are about working with your business to design safety risk solutions that address your business’ specific need.

Our Team

Our team comprises of experienced safety professionals that have delivered outstanding results in improved safety standards with over 22 years of experience in managing and implementing safety in the construction environment.

Our Commitment

We are committed to delivering leading practice to our clients and the safest outcomes through practical best for business solutions.

Our Value

SDR Solutions provides practical advice and dynamic safety design and risk solutions to any business that values safety ensuring safety investment enhances business outcomes and does not become a burden.

Our Passion

We are passionate about helping you create safe places of work by eliminating or mitigating risk at their source, so you don’t have to rely on people being safe at work.

Our Approach

SDR Solutions offers you a unique contemporary approach to managing safety in your business and at the workplace using a practical risk mitigation strategies.

Why Safety Design and Risk Solutions?

Unlike other safety providers we pride ourselves with the ability to offer risk management solutions that create Australia’s safest places of work. We offer a range of services that will assist your company in delivering lower risk solutions to manage WHS in your business, with your employees, clients and contractors

For more information call Sean on 0418296052

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